Déjà vu

I normally get out of the apartment by 6:20 AM for work. Last Thursday, like any regular weekday, I woke up to the sound of my alarm, freshened up, and left for work. Outside it was pitch dark; I double checked my watch to make sure if it was really after 6, unfortunately it was and I dragged myself to work. That day we had one of the biggest storms of the summer.

Today, like any other weekday, I woke up, freshened up, and left for work. It was pitch dark, and I felt Déjà vu all over again. I though to myself – I know it sucks but Saturday is not far off, I will sleep my butt off once the weekend is here. As I approached my car, I gave a hopeful glance to my watch. It was FREAKING 5:25 AM.

I wish I had glanced my watch before getting out of the bed, I would have abso-FREAKIN-lutely loved to smile and go back to sleep for another hour. It was too early even for the guards to be at my work to open the doors, so no point in driving there. And, I was in between sleepy-sleepy and wakey-wakey mode, so the thought of extra 30-40 minutes of sleep wasn’t that exciting either.

Eventually I entered back to my apartment along with the sound of my regular alarm, and kept snoozing till 6:20 AM. What a waste of an hour of sleep :(

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2 Comments on “Déjà vu”

  1. santosh says:

    I remember my Rockville days…used to feel sleepy while driving…and would hate to be early at work…anyway….it sucks…to be so much tuned to Alarm…

  2. Prajwol says:


    My case is on being so in-tuned to the same weekdays schedule, which I have been doing for past couple of years, such that I normally go through the motion every morning without thinking much. The biological clock and physical clock are normally in sync, but sometimes weird stuff happens, like: sleeping through the alarm or waking before it sounds.

    In this particular instance I was thrown off by my previous weeks experience, hence compelling me to think of it as Déjà vu rather than simply looking at the watch before walking all the way to the parking lot.

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